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Imagine you’re a travel agent, and every time someone searches for family holidays, packages, or seasonal breaks, they see a link to your site. That’s precisely what search engine advertising (SEA) does. It follows potential customers through the search process, addresses them at appropriate points, and leads them straight to you.


Search Advertising – Turning Searches into Leads

Search Advertising is the foundation of online marketing, and includes everything you might do to attract new customers using search engines. It uses Google AdWords keywords campaigns to accurately target potential customers entering specific words in Google searches.

Our highly experienced Google AdWords professionals can plan, realise, monitor and optimise your search engine campaign, with the accent on cost effectiveness, performance and transparency. They handle the bid management process, ensure that search  ads are optimally positioned, develop individual strategies, help you to monitor outcomes and spending, and increase the return on your investment. And those are just some of the services we provide.

Search Advertising  works best in combination with search engine optimisation, social media marketing, display ads and landing page optimisation, this is an inboound marketing approach. We’d be delighted to provide advice on developing your own tailor-made strategy.

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