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Why Use Google Adwords?

To put it simply Pay per click (PPC) is a proven form of online advertising that you, the advertiser, only pay for when someone clicks on your ad.

Adwords is PPC from Google. It can transform your business and bring scalability and predictability to your business.

Google is worth $70 billion and over 80% of it’s revenue comes from advertising. Adwords works if done correctly.

Trusted by Google, Trusted By Our Customers

We hold all six Google AdWords certifications and constantly reach Googles best practice guidelines on all the accounts we manage. 

Google Adwords Process

Adwords success depends on careful planning and measurement. Often what you see in Adwords is not what is really happening. We have developed software that produces analysis reports based on our years of experiences of where the focus should be. By following a rigorous process inresearch,analysis and Adwords Management we have a proven formulae for success.

Research & Setup

If you are new to Adwords or have been using it a while we can help. 

We look at your current position and do research on your keywords and see what people are searching for. If you have an existing account we will audit this to see what is working well and what can be improved.

AdWords Management Best Practice

We will look at things such as budget, keyword optimisation, ad copy, landing pages, bid management, budget allocation, quality score, impression share, and more. 

We use a combination of automation and real people. We guarantee a real person will be optmising your account weekly. 


We will discover opportunities to improve your account such as new keywords, reducing wastage, other ad types which could provide more conversions and more.

Tracking & Reporting 

We will measure your campaign using the latest tracking available including call tracking. We will report back ever month with the results of your camapign. 

“Every day the phone rings and it is more customers calling who have found us online.”
Micheal Sluys

Waikato Wide Electrical

We Will Help You With AdWords

AdWords is a powerful marketing tool for businesses.

We will help you understand and harness the power of AdWords and help you generate more leads, phone calls or sales.

Whatever your goal is for your business we can use the latest marketing techniques to help you get found online by your customers.

AdWords Certified Experts Managing Your Account

Unbound Digital Marketing are certified in all six AdWords certifications and are specialists in search, display and mobile campaigns.

Local Knowledge

We are based in the Waikato and aim to help local businesses succeed online. You will not become just another number lost in a corporate conglomerate. 

Real People, Real Business, Real Results

Our digital marketing specialists not only have digital marketing expertise but have real world business and marketing experience. If you want someone on your team who can speak your language not technospeak, give us a call.


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