Analytics isn’t just for tracking your traffic. Hidden under that dashboard is a wealth of visitor information just waiting to be analysed and acted upon.

Being able to read the data collected in Analytics is all well and good, but understanding what it means and what to do to improve the performance of your site and the visitor journey is where the real value lies.

The team here at Unbound Digital Marketingare well-versed in every aspect of Analytics.

From training to consultancy, reviews to reports and everything in between, we’re happy to mine your data for insights and work with you to execute changes that will make a real difference to your business.

Whether you want us to take the reigns or you’d prefer us to walk you through the process we can help you make smart decisions that will affect your bottom line. No matter how much data there is to look at or decisions to be made every company wants to make more money.

Analytics Setup

The true power of Google Analytics only comes from a customized setup that matches your business and website. Let us set up your account so you can get the most from your data.

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Analytics Reporting

Visualise the data so it is easy for you to see the right information when you need it. Let us help you get the most from your data.

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Analytics Consulting

Have a problem? We can help find the best solution so you can move forward. Looking at finding new ways to get more information from your customer? Give us a call.

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Call Tracking

For those businesses that customers always contact them over the phone. Call tracking allows you to track the source of your customers and make better business decisions.

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Analytics Audit

Do you have Google Analytics set up on your site but not sure you are tracking the right data or if the account is set up correctly to give you the information.

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Analytics Training

Learn how to use Google Analytics in your business. We offer one on one training or have regular group workshops.

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Why You Need Analytics

To make your marketing more measurable and accountable you need to make sure you are tracking your customers correctly and have a good handle on the numbers. 

You can then make smart business decisions and use your marketing budget more wisely. 

Get results driven marketing 

Make every dollar count.

Make smarter decisions

Have the data to make smart business decisions. 

Know where your leads and sales are coming from 

Understand your marketing funnel and what works for your business.

Analytics FAQs

  • My website designer installed Google Analytics, why do I need you?

    95% of the accounts we have audited are wrong. This seems pretty high and it can’t be true that 95% of developers, designers and marketing agencies are bad at what they do so what is the reason for this? It’s not what they do, at least not all day everyday.

    Web developers and designers – often when you build a website transferring over analytics code is a professional courtesy. Customization of the setup is not what the company does so this is not recommended as a service. We can fill the gap.

    Marketing agencies may have talented accounted managers, and Google Analytics setups may even be a service listed. But it’s not likely to be a core function or specialization. Without regular work or a practiced implementer mistakes can creep in because the platform is constantly evolving. We understand and we love working with agencies and marketing companies.

  • Do you just do Google Analytics?

    Most of the analytics work we do is using Google Analytics. It is free and offers a wide range of features for all businesses big and small. 

    There are however other analytics tools out there we use for specific reasons and can offer these to you as and when needed. 

Analytics Pricing To Suit All Businesses

We are here to help your business succeed only and so that means making sure it is affordable for you to getthe data and information you need from analytics

We have plans to suit all businesses so get in touch to find out how we can help.

What Others Have Said

  • Quentin has a wealth of knowledge for improving online marketing. Always professional and inspiring.
    Sue Boyd
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  • “Having previously done Adwords Advertising with other agencies we were not sure if we could get a return on investment from our ad spend. But Unbound Digital Marketing are not only helping us track our online more effectively, but also getting a solid return on our advertising spend.”
    Lance Tairaki
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