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The Google Partner program launched in November 2013, but Unbound Digital Marketing was already on its way to becoming a Google Partner.

As a Partner in Dori Media, Quentin had already been a member of Google Engage for Agencies, which kept him in touch with people from Google so he could deliver the best results for all our adwords clients and help them with other services from Google. Quentin had also already completed the Adwords certification exams which was one of the criteria to becoming a Google Partner.

So what does it mean to be a Google Partner

As a Google Partner it shows that Google trusts us and that potential clients can too. We have shown to Google that we have an advanced knowledge and have been certified in Adwords. We have also exhibited best practice and demonstrated that we are maximizing our clients’ performance on their Adwords accounts.

Being a Google Partner means we have a close relationship to Google and can bring our clients not only the best advice, but some of the latest advice, tools and features which may not be available to everyone.

We also attend Google events every six months (or so) where we can meet other Google Partners from around New Zealand, as well as international experts flown in by Google for the event.


To BecomeA Google Partner

For us to achieving Google Partner status we needed to meet certain criteria set by Google, This included:

  • Certifications: We showed Google we have advanced AdWords knowledge and have been certified in AdWords.
  • Best practices: Demonstrate that we are maximizing your clients’ performance by implementing the recommended best practices in their accounts.
  • Spend: Show that we have a healthy amount of activity by meeting the Spend requirements across our managed accounts.

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