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Our visitor level call tracking solution provides full reports on every website visitor who calls your business, including how they found your website (e.g. what keywords they used) and what web pages they looked at before, during and after each phone call.

It is the ultimate call tracking solution, which completely bridges the gap between on-line and off-line sales and enquiries. It allows you to track phone calls just like your current web analytics solution tracks e-commerce sales or contact forms (e.g. Google Analytics Goals). In fact, it integrates directly with Google Analytics and AdWords so that Goals and sales values are reported according to the keywords and traffic source that generated them, giving you a holistic view of where your leads and sales are coming from online, even if they arrive over the telephone.

  • Keyword-level reports on what generated calls.
  • Integrates directly with Google Analytics & AdWords to report calls as conversions.
  • Shows where on your site callers were when they dialled.
  • Call data includes call recordings, missed calls and call length.

You can choose any type of number (local codes, 0800 numbers etc.) and make use of features such as call recording, missed call alerts and caller journey details, showing at what point in their visit to your site callers picked up the phone.

What is call tracking & How does it work?

Unbound Digital Marketing put a piece of script that ‘wraps’ around your existing telephone number on your website. If a person comes from a specific advertising channel, the call tracking script dynamically changes the phone number (usually just the last few digits). So if that person called that exact number, they would get tracked as coming from that channel.

What if they come to my site multiple times from different sources

Not to worry Unbound Digital Marketing has you covered, using Google Analytics tracking and call tracking we can attribute the lead to different sources. For example they may have found your site original through Google Display Ads, they might have then come back later via a Facebook remarketing ad, and finally when they were ready to buy they Googled you and came back via a organic search result. We can see all this happen in Google Analytics and understand the value of each channel.

Is call Tracking right for me?

If your business has both of the following:
• Your business gets a number of phone calls by potential customers.
• Your business is doing both online and offline advertising.

If you have both of those ingredients, then it is highly recommended to consider using call tracking for your advertising.

How much does call tracking cost?

A toll free number will cost as little as $30/month. For local business that only need a local number, then it is $8/month. This is extremely cost effective when it gives you such valuable information on what advertising is working for you.

Would you pay $8/month to know that the calls you have been getting are coming from Google AdWords, because up until now you haven’t been sure if AdWords is really working for you?

Depending on your call volumes you may require a couple of different numbers.

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